From central area Kyobashi in Okayama to Seto Inland Sea

・Summer session starts from July 19 (Fri)
Charter ship operation started

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Operation period of 2019

  • April 26 (Fri) - May 26 (Sun)
  • July 19 (Fri) - August 25 (Sun)
  • September 28 (Sat) - November 4 (Mon)
 Closed on Tuesday

Operation of Speed Boat from Okayama Kyobashi
to islands in the Seto Inland Sea


The Seto Inland Sea is currently in the limelight at home and abroad at The Setouchi Triennale.
   A new cruise will begin linking the central area of Okayama, the Kyobashi and the Seto Inland Sea.
   While enjoying the refreshing time, why not discover the new attraction of Okayama and Setouchi that connect from the river to the sea?

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Time table and Fares

Ushimado Port

9:00 Departure

Inujima Port

9:20 Arrived
9:25 Departure


10:30 Arrived
10:40 Departure

Inujima Port

11:45 Arrived

Inujima Port

14:40 Departure


15:45 Arrived
15:55 Departure

Inujima Port

17:00 Arrived
17:05 Departure

Ushimado Port

17:25 Arrived

Fares(Child fare: Primary schoolchild fare) Note: All tax included

Ushimado Port ⇔ Inujima Port

One way 700 yen(child 350 yen)

Kyobashi ⇔ Inujima Port

One way 2,000 yen(child 1,000 yen)

Kyobashi ⇔ Inujima Port Roundtrip ticket sales on this site 3,600 yen(child 1,800 yen)

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The same-day ticket from Kyobashi will distribute a numbered ticket from 10 am at Kyobashi

Ushimado Port ⇔ Inujima Port(Passing point) ⇔ Kyobashi

One way 2,700 yen(child 1,350 yen)

About cancellation fare

Please note that cancellation fare will be charged at the following rate if you cancel your reservation at your convenience.

appointed day: 100% of the price
Up to one day ago: 50% of the price
Up to 2 days ago: 30% of the price
Up to 3 days ago: Cancelable without cancellation fare

Note :
Capacity 68 people
Operates only during Setouchi Triennale 2019
The closed day of the Inujima Smelter Museum will be closed
Ticket sales on this site are only for the round trip route from Kyobashi to Inujima(3,600 yen).
Child fare will be refunded the difference 1800 yen at Kyobashi platform
Those who have a physical disability, those who have an intellectual disability, those who have a mental disorder will be 50% cheaper than the basic rate (please show your notebook)
If there is a space in the seat, you can purchase at Kyobashi platform from 40 minutes before departure
Currently, it is on sale only for spring holding(April 26-May 26). We sell summer holding, autumn holding each from one month ago

Okayama Kyobashi Ferry Platform Information

Access map

Please use the convenient tram when coming from Okayama Station to the Kyobashi Ferry Platform.
There is no private parking lot.


Please use the Okayama Electric Tramway to get to Higashiyama at "Okayama Ekimae". And please get off at "Saidaijicho". You will walk to the east in 5 minutes.



Okayama Kyobashi

best experience ever

Just a short walk from the famous Kyobashi in "Asaichi," it is the largest downtown area in Okayama, with the traditional downtown area "Omotecho." Originally developed as the main port of Bizen Okayama and prospered as a key point for shipping and maritime transportation, the city centering on Omotemachi from Kyobashi Port is now the center of Okayama, with beautiful scenery of Asahikawa. And this time, a new route from Kyobashi to Seto Inland Sea will be added.

Kyobashi Asaichi is held on the first Sunday of every month in Kyobashi, which is a famous event in Okayama. There are about 100 stores from other prefectures, and there are products such as fresh vegetables and fruits, seafood, and household goods. Canoe classes are also held. It is held from before 4 am to around 10 am.Note:January is held on the second Sunday and October on the first Sunday as "National Famous Morning Market Fair", and December is held on the first Sunday and the 29th every year.

Company Profile

Business name Okayama Kyobashi Cruise Co., Ltd.
Head office location 700-0822
2-31 2-chome, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture
(Cooperative 2nd floor Shimoshinomachi Shopping Association office in Okayama City)
Founding November 2018
Representative President and CEO Koichi Kuroda
Main business contents Business about transportation such as passenger by passenger ship and Seto Inland Sea one-yen temporary operation


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